David Baker


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I've been doing web development since 1998 and find solving complex workflow problems (with their resulting user experience (UX) issues) to be quite pleasurable. Working with people, computers and cultures (and preferably a mix of all three) is a joy :-)

I have significant experience in the PHP world, but am also actively using Ember.js (a single-page application framework) and Ruby on Rails. I'm also dabbling in Elixir / Phoenix (and have used Objective-C, Python and Perl in the past).


I run a web consultancy (Acorn Web Consultants) serving small to medium businesses. We're primarily focused on doing custom web application development, but have a wide range of tech skills (due to years of IT work in the past as well).


I'm currently heavily involved with the Ember community, where I'm a member of the learning team.

Contact Me

I'm available on Twitter at @acorncom or you can contact me through our website.